Pengelly Weddings


As a newly diversified business stemming from a fifth-generation farm, we are committed to maintaining sustainable practices that will support and make a positive difference to our environment, local community, and business practices. We are nestled within a 200-acre farm which boasts many opportunities to ensure we are continuing to improve and maintain our footprint.

So, how are we committed to sustainability?

  • We use renewable sources of power where possible including solar panels and we have just installed an Electric Vehicle charger for our guests and staff to use.
  • Our venue bar and Honeymoon cabin is made from fallen wood from the farm, and reclaimed materials, ensuring zero-waste production
  • We installed bird and bat boxes on the honeymoon cabin to ensure the wild animals have a place to call home.
  • We plant wildflower fields every year covering 5 acres of farmland. This creates various food sources for different wildlife species, including insects, birds, and mammals. These pollinators play a crucial role in the reproduction of flowering plants, ensuring the production of seeds and promoting genetic diversity.
  • We have our own spring water source; this reduces strain on local water sources and is free of any chemical treatment.
  • In 2023 alone we planted over 200 trees, and we continue to plant new trees every year to offset our carbon emissions.
  • We work with our local community to employ local talent and support community days.
  • We have 5 natural lakes, which are home to many wildlife including fish, herons and geese, ensuring our new business positively creates homes and food for local wildlife.
  •  We use products that are b-corp certified like our cleaning products, we use Seep and Smol
  •  We work with suppliers who are like minded, for example Bramley our toiletries supplier never uses single plastic, it only uses ingredients that are biodegradable and are safe to be washed into rivers and oceans..
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